5 Benefits of Volunteering

Today is International Volunteer Day! Here at Plum Care we are passionate about volunteering and are huge advocates for the amazing work volunteers do. We regularly volunteer at the Memory Lane Dementia Café run by the amazing Bromley Dementia Support Hub and are grateful for the opportunity to provide much needed help to such a fantastic organisation. Here are some great reasons why you should volunteer too!

Gain new skills

There’s a huge opportunity to develop new skills and try something new when you volunteer. Whether you’re looking to develop skills in retail, admin, mentoring, befriending, there’s a volunteering opportunity just for you. If you’ve had an employment break or after a career change, volunteer positions can really boost your CV and help you stand out from the crowd.

Meet new people

Volunteering is great for getting out and about and meeting new people, giving you the chance to connect with people how have similar interests. If you’re retired or out of work, volunteering can create a sense of belonging, build relationships and can really help to end loneliness. There are some fantastic case studies on older volunteers from Volunteering Matters.

Make a difference

Volunteering can be a great way to give back to your community and get involved. It is also an amazing way to give back to charities and other organisations you are passionate about. Many organisations cannot run effectively without volunteers and desperately need the help and support. Some organisations may struggle to operate without the valuable contribution of volunteers. Charities and other non-profit companies may not have the budget to employ the number of staff needed to deliver their services, meaning volunteers are an essential part of the team.

Improve your health

Studies have shown that volunteering can help people live longer and can improve mental health. Volunteering reduces stress, keeps you busy and can give you a sense of purpose which has a great impact on your well-being. Volunteering is also fantastic for social interaction, decreasing the risk of depression.

It changes your perspective

Taking time to help people from different walks of life can really open your eyes and give you an opportunity to meet people you’d never meet otherwise. Volunteering can really help you become more connected and compassionate towards the needs of others. Helping people can really make you more appreciative of your own circumstances, while supporting those who really benefit from your help.

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